This page explains my teaching and performance activities. 

I have been teaching the piano and guitar for c.23 years. I was originally trained as a classical pianist, and the piano has remained hugely important to me. However, I have been playing the guitar for almost as long, first classical, then folk styles, then electric blues and rock.

My approach to teaching is an holistic and highly analytical one. I do not believe, as happened to me, in sending people away to simply practise and try harder, and with no real strategy for overcoming difficulties. Almost always there is a solvable technical reason why a child or adult finds something difficult and I pride myself on always finding these solutions. I see myself as a problem solver.

I have been teaching piano and guitar at Ryedale School since c.2006, and at Minim Music since c.2011. I have given piano recitals, organ recitals, played piano, guitar, bass, and even mandolin for various shows. I have also entertained people at various events with bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and lute; as well as playing the piano accordeon at least once a year for the Maypole Dancing at Sinnington, and sometimes for church parades such as Palm Sunday.

 Since my initial training, c.1977, at the Huddersfield School of Music (as it was then) various evolutions have occurred: around 1996 I was asked to play the organ at church and I have been a church organist ever since; I have taught several really good players the electric and bass guitar: I have also from time to time taught the mandolin and the ukelele. I play a variety of other instruments well enough to amuse myself and even perform, such as: the hurdy-gurdy (of course), the bagpipes, the viola da gamba, the lute, the recorder, the alto saxophone, the piano accordeon, the harmonica, and the harp. I am currently trying to relearn the trombone (with a view to converting to the sackbutt), I used to play it fairly competently about 17 years ago, but this might be a 'bridge too far'.

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